Life moves fast here at Devolutions, and no two days are alike. But there are some things you can count on. For example, we’re always listening to our community, we’re obsessed with constantly improving our solutions, our annual Devolutions Cup foosball tournament makes Game of Thrones look like child’s play, and of course, we’re always delighted when a wonderful colleague joins the roster.

And so today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our Inside Sales team: please say hello to Frederik Hébert! I recently had a chat with Frederik to learn more about his experience and role. Here’s a snapshot of our conversation:

Can you tell me a bit about your professional background?

For several years, I worked for two major corporations: Leger Research and Canadian Tire. With each of these companies, I learned a great deal about building authentic relationships with customers and helping them solve problems and achieve goals. I’ve always loved interacting with different people, and so it was a very enjoyable and informative experience for me.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

I’d say that it was being part of a team back in university that won a major stock market competition. It wasn’t just winning that made the achievement so special and memorable, but it was how hard we all worked as a team. We studied and practiced for several weeks, and we all worked very hard to be the best.

What was it about Devolutions that made you want to work here?

I learned about Devolutions after reading an article about them in the newspaper. It covered the company’s fascinating history, growth, culture and vision. I also really liked the spirit of innovation, and how it reminded me of companies in Silicon Valley. I felt right away that it would be a great place to work.

What would you say are your top three strengths at work?

First, I’d say that I am a very good team player, and have a knack for bringing out the best in people.  Second, I’d say that I’m determined and work hard to solve problems. Third, I’d say that I’m honest and trustworthy, and believe that character is crucial to succeed both personally and professionally.

What tasks do you carry out in your job, and what are some of the tools that you use?

My goal is to provide the best possible customer service, and always perform at the highest quality. In terms of tools, I primarily use Dropbox for file management and Slack for team messaging. Both of these are quite useful in my day-to-day working environment.

What are your impressions of working here?

I think it’s awesome! My manager is very down-to-earth and supportive of our entire team. He motivates everyone to do their best, and inspires us to go beyond our potential.

What goals would you like to achieve at Devolutions?

I’ve always had high expectations for myself. My goal is to work hard, help my team, and in time become one of the key employees here that helps us grow even more.

On a personal note, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

Ever since I got my first auto guide, I’ve been a big fan of the automotive world. I also enjoy keeping an eye on the stock market, and playing hockey and alpine skiing as well.

Please share a few words with our community of IT pros:

Hi everyone, thank you for your support. Without you, Devolutions would not be what it is. You can count on us to continue working hard to give you the best solutions possible!