We are honored that IT pros from around the world are part of our community of users. And while roughly 942 million people on the planet communicate in English, and about 225 million people speak French (either as their first language, second…or maybe fifth!), we know that language barriers can get in the way. And that’s where the Devolutions Localizer comes to the rescue!

The Devolutions Localizer is our very own ultra-cool RDM translator portal. Personally, I think it’s a masterpiece. It’s a way for RDM users to help other RDM users by translating as much (or as little) as they want from the original English or French into their native language – or languages, if they are a multilingual superstar.

We Need Your Help

Many of you have contributed your linguistic expertise, and we’re very grateful – thank you! But we aren’t done yet. Here’s a snapshot of some of the languages and how close we are to reaching the finish line (which can, in fact, be accessed right now):

  • Chinese (Simplified): 86%
  • Dutch: 87%
  • German: 81%
  • Russian: 82%
  • Ukrainian: 83%

And here are the languages that still need some heavy lifting:

  • Czech: 15%
  • Danish: 15%
  • Hungarian: 18%
  • Italian: 38%
  • Japanese: 11%
  • Polish: 69%
  • Portuguese (Brazil): 35%
  • Portuguese: 13%
  • Spanish: 15%
  • Swedish: 48%
What’s In it For You?

Now, as an IT pro, you’re used to people constantly asking you for help and advice. Like, every time you visit your family or a new neighbor finds out that you’re a tech wizard, you get drilled with “my hard drive is slow” and “my mouse doesn’t work” and “why is my screen blurry?” and so on.  It might make you want to scream: YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!

Trust us, we know what you’re going through (it happens to us, too!). But nevertheless, we’re going to appeal to your generous nature by asking for your help, because there are IT pros across the world who could really use your assistance. Managing remote connections and credentials is a universal experience, and the same challenges you face are definitely being faced by your counterparts in Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Spain…and the list goes on.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Because we’re also going to award the most valuable Devolutions Localizer contributor $500 and an RDM Site license, as well as a special mention on our blog.

Ready to Get Moving?

If you’re interested in helping your fellow IT pros around the world, please consider being one of our wonderful translators. Our Localizer app makes the process very efficient. You can work at your own pace, and whenever you have time. Get moving now by signing up here.