About a month ago, I posted our annual Roadmap, which is an overview of the innovative and exciting developments that we have in store for 2017. As you may recall, I mentioned that Wayk Now would have its very own Roadmap – and here it is!

About Wayk Now

Wayk Now is our new remote desktop/remote support tool that lets you either take control of a remote computer or allow an authorized user to take control of your computer. It’s easy to use and has a lightweight footprint. Plus, Wayk Now is and will always be free for personal use.

As you’d expect, this is just the beginning for Wayk Now. We’ll be making key improvements and additions in the coming months, both in terms of the tool itself and the integration with Remote Desktop Manager. Here’s a snapshot of what our development team has on their radar for 2017:

January-March (Version 1.1):

  • Monitor selection
  • High DPI support
  • UDP-based transport

April-June (Version 2.X)

  • iOS and Android
  • NAT traversal
  • Remote command execution
  • Multi-language interface

July-September (Version 3.0)

  • Built-in chat
  • Unattended mode
  • Session recording

October-December (Version 4.X)

  • Multi-user mode
  • Dual cursor mode

Again, this is a roadmap, which means we may take some detours and add some interesting new routes along the way.

The Wayk Now Team Needs Your Feedback

As usual, we want your feedback on what you like, what you don’t, and what you want us to fix, change, add or remove. Your input will directly shape how Wayk Now evolves. After all, we didn’t create it for us – we created it for YOU. Please comment below, post in our forum, or get in touch with the mastermind behind Wayk Now, our amazing Software Architect, Marc-André Moreau, at mamoreau@devolutions.net.