"Remote Desktop Manager is an actively developed and supported tool that supports the modern protocols and features of virtually everything a system admin or engineer needs. The number of features is just fantastic!"  – Preston Gallwas, Solutions Architect – Right! Systems, Inc.

Client Snapshot

Since 1993, Right! Systems, Inc. has provided business-driven, multi-vendor IT solutions to clients worldwide. Drawing on deep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, application, and infrastructure services, their solutions help organizations gain control of their enterprise-wide technology, increase productivity and end-user satisfaction, refocus talent and energies on their core business, and decrease total cost of ownership. The company’s engineering service department has a team of approximately 30 IT professionals who manage around 1500 servers, machines and devices.

Right! Systems’ Challenges

As part of their work, Right! Systems’ service engineers routinely visit the company’s large roster of clients. Prior to using Remote Desktop Manager, it was difficult and inefficient for engineers to store, organize, share, and access the organization’s huge­– and constantly growing – pool of credentials.

The company attempted to solve this challenge with other solutions (e.g. MSTSC, RDCMan, RoyalTS), but ran into additional obstacles and problems, including:

  • It was frustrating for engineers to save a variety of remote gateway desktop servers.
  • When logging into a remote server, engineers routinely had to deal with wildly distorted/huge icons, because they were connecting via a UHD resolution with DPI scaling on.
  • They could not support different RD Gateways within the same document.
  • It was time-consuming and inefficient to access credential information on-site with a client.
Right! Systems’ Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

Since adding Remote Desktop Manager to its environment, Right! Systems’ engineering team has solved all of these challenges and now enjoys several benefits, including the ability to:

  • Save all connections and credentials, while efficiently organizing them by folder for easy on-demand retrieval from any location.
  • Organize resources into a manageable pane/document while on-site with a client.
  • Specify different RD Gateway settings on a per-folder level, which prevents having to configure dozens of individual connections.
  • Use RDM’s built-in VPN capacity to specify a connection to a VPN client and connect to a specific server.
  • Avoid distorted visuals as DPI scaling happens automatically and smoothly (i.e. no re-login required).
  • Save time and avoid errors by using RDM’s web browser auto-fill feature
Feedback from Preston Gallwas, Solutions Architect – Virtualization:

“With a current project we’re engaged in, thanks to RDM, we’ve seen a huge boost in productivity as there is a large number of servers and credentials to manage. It would be difficult – or at the very least extremely annoying – to do this manually. Remote Desktop Manager has made it a breeze!”