How to make sure your passwords meet security requirement in Remote Desktop Manager

Here at Devolutions, we like to have fun – seriously, you should see our game room! We also have a few team members who can be described as “professional pranksters”. So yeah, there’s never a dull moment around here.

BUT…there’s one thing we never joke about, and that’s security! It’s our top priority, which is why we’ve designed Remote Desktop Manager with a built-in password complexity feature.

Here’s the scoop: we all know that some users don’t know the first thing about password security. Their version of a strong password is “123456” or “password”, which is hardly secure! (still the top 2 used passwords out there according to Password Random) That’s where RDM’s password complexity policy feature comes to the rescue!

This feature lets you ensure that all passwords meet pre-determined complexity requirements, so that your valuable systems and devices can’t be hacked by a gifted 5-year old.

Create a Password Templates

1. In File - Templates - Password Templates, click on the Plus sign to create a new Password Template.

2. Enter a name for your new template and select your specific requirements, including the minimum password length and the minimum number of lowercase characters, uppercase characters, numeric characters and symbols.

3. Click on OK.


Apply your Password Template to a Folder

To apply your password template to a folder:

1. Select your folder and click on Folder Properties. 2. In the Folder Properties window click on the Password Management side menu. 3. In the Template dropdown menu select List. 4. Choose the password template you wish to use.

Once the password template has been set on your folder, your entries stored under that folder can now inherit the template.

1. Select and edit your entry. 2. Click on the Password Management side menu. 3. In Template select Inherited.

Forbidden Password

Just a little side note, you could also create a blacklist of forbidden password, banning the 123456 password forever! You can create your list and enforce it to your whole data source.

1. Go in Administration - System Settings. 2. Click on the Forbidden Password side menu. 3. Create a list of prohibited passwords and click on OK.

And that’s it! It’s like having your very own Sheldon Cooper to make sure everyone follows the Roommate agreement… and we all know how he is with rules. Bazinga!

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