Wow – is it August already!? Summer is flying by. I hope that you’re all enjoying this time of year and getting a chance to hang out on the patio or head to the beach. Enjoy it while it lasts, though, because fall is just around the corner!

But before that happens, of course we need to run the August poll. Here’s what we’d like to know this month: Which software review/discussion websites do you trust?

We don’t mean doing Google searches for stuff (everyone uses Google!). We mean the software review and tech websites that you check out when searching for a new software solution. Here are some possibilities that might be on your shortlist:

…naturally, there are hundreds of others out there, including some that might not be very popular (at least not yet!), but that you personally find valuable and trustworthy.

Bonus Question

For this month’s poll, we’re also running a special “bonus question”! In addition to telling us your favorite software review/discussion websites, please tell us (if you can remember!) where and how you found out about Remote Desktop Manager.

Share Your Expertise & Win

There are 2 great reasons to participate in the poll. The first is that other IT pros around the world can benefit from your experience and recommendations. The second is that you could WIN a $25 Amazon gift certificate. We’ll randomly select 2 participants and announce the winners next month when we share the results. Thanks for participating and good luck!