This month, we’d like you to tell us: What are the 3 tools that you love and think every IT pro should use?

What we’re aiming for here are not just your preferred tools or the nice-to-have tools, but the ones that make your life simpler, more productive, more enjoyable, and that integrate with your day-to-day work experience. So basically, the tools that you can’t live without!

Please list your 3 most beloved and indispensable tools by commenting below – and please share why they’re so useful. Your insights and advice will help your fellow IT pros around the world. And you can also pick up some cool new tool suggestions. Everyone wins!

We would like to build a massive list of tools that every Sysadmin or IT pro should use!

Share Your Expertise & Win

Speaking of winning: simply by sharing your expertise, you’ll be automatically entered to WIN one of two $25 Amazon gift certificate. We’ll randomly select 2 participants and announce the winners next month when we share the results and comments.