As you know, a few months ago we launched Remote Desktop Manager 11 – and the feedback was amazing! Thank you as always for your support. We also received some great suggestions on how to make it even better, and we’ve baked all of that wholesome goodness into the latest and greatest Remote Desktop Manager 11.5!

What’s New

Remote Desktop Manager 11.5 features over 100 additions,  including:

New features and Enhancements

  • High DPI support in the application
  • Integrated Dashlane credential entry
  • Beyondtrust connection type support
  • Is Online - Background service console - Auto refresh interval - Improved the check is online dialog
  • Synchronizers - Background service console - Auto refresh interval
  • DVLS - Improved the DVLS console to install or configure the SSL certificate - Added a diagnostic dialog before the DVLS new installation
  • Fixed integrations - PassPortal - OneDrive
  • New PowerShell Remote Console connection type
  • New option to lock the application on Windows Standby and Windows Lock

More Improvements

  • Custom html id in web browser embedded
  • Improved the ARD and VNC integration (keyboard and performance)
  • Improved the Wake On Lan
  • Improved the favorite view
  • Improved the refresh performance
  • RoyalTS 3 file format import support
  • More than 100 improvements and fixes

For a complete list with all 112 improvements, please check out the change history here.

Upgrading to Remote Desktop Manager 11.5

If you already own a valid Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise license, simply upgrade to version 11.5 by downloading it from:

If you’re new to our products (welcome!), you can request a FREE trial of Remote Desktop Manager 11.5 from:

Devolutions Server 3.2

Since good news should always travel in bunches, we thought we’d put a smile on your face by sharing that Devolutions Server 3.2 is here as well!!

What’s New

In the latest  version 3.2, you can now take advantage of major improvements to security and usability, including:

  • Radius 2FA support
  • Email login support
  • Microsoft Azure 2FA support
  • IP validation with Duo
  • Domain login improvements
  • Performance improvements
Download Devolutions Server

If you own a valid Devolutions Server subscription, you can upgrade to version 3.2 by downloading it from:

If you haven’t yet experienced Devolutions Server, then simply request a FREE trial from:

Send Us your Feedback!

As mentioned, most of the changes in Remote Desktop Manager 11.5 and Devolutions Server 3.2  are made possible thanks to YOUR feedback. So please continue telling us what you like, and also what you want us to make better. We’re always listening! You can comment below or connect with us in the Devolutions Forum.