Summer is on the way, which means lots of sunscreen, lots of beer, and lots of parties.

But before all of that good stuff rolls in, we need to focus on REALLY important items like the June Poll!

This month’s question is: What’s your favorite VPN and why?

For instance, do you prefer Microsoft VPN, Apple VPN, AT&T Global, Cisco VPN, Juniper, Secure CRT, Sonic wall, SSH, Watchguard, Barracuda…or something else?

Or, if you have more than one favorite – for example, maybe you use one VPN at work, and a different VPN at home – please feel free to highlight both solutions in your answer.

Plus, if you’ve had a really bad experience with a VPN, or know something about a VPN that we should know as well, please share that, too. Knowledge is power!

You can comment below.

You Could Win!

Simply by participating in the June poll, you’ll be eligible to win of two $25 Amazon gift card! As usual, we’ll share the poll results and the gift card winners in early July.

Good luck, and may the VPN be with you.