Hey everyone,

We know that many of you are huge fans of our very own comic Sysadminotaur. Well today, I’m thrilled to announce that the creator Patrick Desilets is hard at work, and a new series featuring the beloved geeky gang is on the way!

What is Sysadminotaur?

If you’re new to the Devolutions family and haven’t yet enjoyed Sysadminotaur, then you’re in for plenty of laughs! Each comic highlights something quirky and unique about life in the IT world. It was created by IT pros for IT pros, and we bet that you’ll find yourself saying “hey, that also happens in my company!” many times.  You can enjoy the first 45 episodes of Sysadminotaur right here on the Devolutions blog :


The first comic strip from the new series will be out tomorrow. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll automatically send it to you!

What’s next? You decide!

As I mentioned, Sysadminotaur is created by IT pros, for IT pros. And so if you have a funny story -- either something that you imagined, or a real-life scenario that played out in your environment -- then send it over by commenting below, or by sending me an email at jdupont@devolutions.net. I’ll make sure that Patrick receives your suggestion. And who knows? Maybe he’ll make it a reality (well, a comic-reality!). How cool would it be to see your suggestion in a comic? 

Spread the Laughter

Is there someone in your network who could use some laughs today? Then please send them this blog, so they can discover Sysadminotaur. Life in the IT can be stressful at times, and we all need a smile-break every now and then :)

 Have a great day!

For those who can't wait for tomorrow, here is a sneak peek :

Jailbreak Sysadminotaur #48 - IT comic for the IT world