With so much to explore on the web, it’s hard to imagine ever getting bored. We could probably all live to be 200 and never run out of entertainment to check out!

However, sometimes it’s a good idea to try something new. And guess what? We have an idea that you might enjoy! Here’s our suggestion: keep your comfy chair and head to the kitchen table to play a board game with family or friends.

Now, some of you might think board games are pretty lame. Maybe that’s because your experience has been limited to Monopoly and Payday. If so, then I don’t blame you for being less than excited. I’m not saying these games are bad, but they’re pretty old school. These days, however, there are many creative and challenging games that will totally change your mind, and turn you into a board game lover like me!

Questions to ask

There are a few factors to consider when you’re choosing the ideal game to fit your needs, and rekindle your love of board games. Here’s what we recommend you clear up:

  1. How old are the players? Some choices are better for kids than adults (and vice versa!). If you’re going to play with kids, games like Operation, Mouse Trap or Life are great options. Your kids will have a blast, and so will you!
  2.  How many people will be playing? Is it going to be a 2-player contest or a group?
  3. Do you want to play against your friends or with them? Teamwork is fun, but really, what’s more rewarding than having your friends beg for board game-induced mercy?
  4. How long do you want to play for? You don’t want to plan for a 30 minute session when the game will take 2 hours (or maybe longer).
  5. Do you want a complex game with a lot of rules and elements, or a relatively simple game?

Answering the above questions will help you focus on the ideal board game (or games), and turn you into a board game lover!

Best board games of all time
My suggestions

To give you some help, here’s a list of some of the best games out there, along with links so you can learn more:

Best two-player games: Best games to play against your friends: Best games to play with your friends:
Flowchart fun

Need some more advice? Silver Oak Casino has created an amazing flowchart. Just start at the top and answer each question with a "yes" or "no". You’ll end up finding the perfect board game! Simply click on it to see the full chart!

Your turn
Are you a board game lover? If so, what’s your favorite game(s) and why? Please share your opinion with our community.