Hey RDMers,

We regularly feature frequently Asked Questions here in our blog. Today, we’re focusing on a question that we get from users who decided in the past not to renew their RDM license. Since an RDM license is perpetual, you can always download a previous version that was released during your maintenance period. As a result, you can still work with RDM even if you didn’t renew, using the latest version you are entitled to.

Simply click here for a list of official Remote Desktop Manager versions dating back to 2009.

You can easily see what’s been released before your license expired, and download the setup files and/or binary files for the latest version. You can also download user manuals as well.

Need an Older Version?

If you need an older version’s installer package, it may not be on our download page because it wasn’t an official release, or because it has been replaced by a superior build. If so, then you can find ALL Remote Desktop Manager here: http://help.remotedesktopmanager.com/installation_previousversion.htm

You can always contact if you wish to know which version you can download using your license. If you wish to renew your software maintenance so you can upgrade to the latest version, please contact us at sales@devolutions.net