Hey everyone,

As you likely know already, a few months ago we implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance our users’ security, and keep their data from falling into the wrong hands even if their password is stolen or hacked.

And so, our question to you is: what’s your view of 2FA? Do you like and use it? Or do you dislike and avoid it? Which 2FA technology do you use? Please share your opinion with our community.

The Pros and Cons

Those in favor of 2FA think that usernames and passwords aren’t enough, and that security needs to be augmented by something physical that only users have access to, like a keychain token, USB token, smartcard, SMS to their smartphone, etc. They know that 2FA isn’t a “magic wand” as far as security goes, but it’s a step in the right direction and a small price to pay for added protection and peace of mind.

Those not in favor of 2FA understand the security advantages, but argue that it can create other problems, like users losing or breaking physical devices or having them stolen – which is a security risk, inconvenient, and costly since devices have to be replaced. They also think that the additional step can prompt some users to disable 2FA, therefore rendering it useless.

What do YOU think and recommend in your organization? 

You Could Win

Just by sharing your opinion, you’ll be eligible to win a $25 Amazon gift card! We’ll announce 3 randomly-selected winners next month when we highlight the poll results.

Good luck!