Hey RDMers,

Many of you send us emails or contact us via social media to request new RDM features.

First of all: THANK YOU! We love hearing from our community, and most of the improvements we make to all of our products are a result of user feedback. So please keep those suggestions and ideas coming!

However, did you know that we have a special section on our forum dedicated to feature requests? You’ll find it here: https://forum.devolutions.net/topics.aspx?ForumID=17&.

Our forum is the BEST place to share your recommendations and ideas. It’s constantly scanned by our development team, plus other users can add their opinions -- or even suggest a cool workaround or option that you didn’t even know existed!

Our goal is to keep improving Remote Desktop Manager so that it’s your trusted “command center” that makes your life easier and more efficient, and helps you tame IT chaos. Your input is vital and always appreciated.