Hey RDMers,

Great news: Remote Desktop Manager 11.1 is here! Here’s a brief snapshot of some of the goodies you can look forward to:

What's new
  • New Remote management types including iDrac & ILo (v2 and v4)
  • New option to execute a remote program after an RDP login
  • New option to delete an entry with the synchronizer
  • New option to export a report from the command line
What's better
  • Improved ARD integration (DirectX)
  • Improved VNC integration (native integration and DirectX)
  • Improved load from Inventory functionality
  • Improved DVLS console
  • Improved RunAs with RunAsNetOnly support in cmd sessions & cmd tools
  • Improved cache performance with some specific refresh scenarios
  • Improved macros (support for Ctrl), Alt, Shift and Win key)

In total, there are over 60 additions, improvements, enhancements, upgrades and fixes. We’d list them all here, but we’d run out of space! You can check out the Change History to get the full story.

If you own a Devolutions Server subscription, please make sure to upgrade to version 3.1 as we've brought many enhancements such as improved 2-factor authentication.

You can download it here: http://server.devolutions.net/Home/Download

Thank You!

This is our first major update to RDM since we released version 11 last October, and many of the improvements are based on feedback from our community of IT pros – a.k.a. YOU. Thank you for helping us make RDM better.

Upgrade to Remote Desktop Manager 11.1

If you’re already an Enterprise license holder, then upgrading to RDM 11.1 is FREE. Simply download it from here and you’ll be good to go: http://remotedesktopmanager.com/Home/Download.

Take Remote Desktop Manager 11.1 for a Spin

If you’re new to the Devolutions family (welcome!), you can take RDM 11.1 for a spin by requesting your free 30-day trial from http://remotedesktopmanager.com/Home/Trial.

Be assured that you’ll have access to the FULL Enterprise version so that you can clearly see if RDM is right for you.

Tell Us What You Think!

It should come as no surprise that we’re already working on the next version, and that means we want to hear from you. Tell us what you think, what you like, what you dislike…there’s no limit. You can comment below, send in an email, or connect with us on the Devolutions Forum. We’re always listening!