Hi everyone,

This month, we decided we wanted to ask you a question that we’ve been asking ourselves for a while. And what a better way to get answers to our questions than by asking the Devolutions community of IT pros. So, we were wondering what you guys prefer between SaaS licensing model, where you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, or the perpetual license model where there’s an upfront cost for the license itself with optional ongoing software maintenance renewal.

SaaS licensing model has become very popular starting with the CRM industry a few years ago and we now see the very same model being applied by major players in IT with hosted solutions in the Cloud. While there are major benefits for software vendors, we want to know your point of view as a user.

While the initial setup cost in the SaaS licensing model might be lower than traditional models, we often hear that users prefer perpetual licenses as they are not locked into a subscription, and therefore have the freedom to decide to renew maintenance or not.

We’d love you to share your thoughts on this. What do you prefer? What would be the best for you and your organization? And why?

You could win

As usual, we’ll be randomly selecting a lucky poll participant who’ll win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

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