Hey everyone,

As you hopefully know, Sysadminotaur is the hilarious and often profound comic strip, created exclusively for Devolutions by our supremely talented friend and artist Patrick Désilets.

Since launching a couple of years ago, Sysadminotaur continues to grow in popularity among a wide audience – and especially IT pros, who can personally relate to each comic. How many times have you said: “wow, that happens where I work ALL THE TIME!” or “I have a colleague who is JUST LIKE THAT!”

Share Your Favorite

If you have an all-time favorite Sysadminotaur comic, we’d love to know what it is! It could be one that made you laugh out loud, or one that just really “hit home” because you’ve been through something just like the zany, unique characters. Please let us know by commenting below.

Share Your Stories

Do you want your story or idea featured in upcoming Sysadminotaur comic? It can happen! Simply send your idea(s) to ammongeon@devolutions.net, and I’ll promise to send it along to Patrick.

We’re looking for funny (in a geeky way) ideas that won’t get us or Patrick in any trouble :)

Imagine being able to tell your colleagues and friends that you were the creative inspiration for a Sysadminotaur comic? You’ll be Geek Royalty!