About a year ago, we launched Devolutions Server 3.0. Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve integrated many of your suggestions into the new and improved Devolutions Server 4.0!

What’s New in 4.0

Devolutions Server 4.0 offers several major improvements and additions, including:

  • A new user interface
  • Multi-domain support (available with the Platinum edition)
  • SQL Server scheduled backup
  • Support for VASCO 2FA
  • Remote management proxy server
  • Improved ability to auto-create users
  • Compatibility with the role-based security

You can also visit our website to see the full change history.

Get Devolutions Server 4.0

If you already own a valid Devolutions Server license please contact us before upgrading to the latest version as we'll provide you guidelines on how to properly update to Devolutions Server 4.0. To reach our team of experts, simply send us a message to support@devolutions.net.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** Updating to Devolutions Server 4.0 without updating to Remote Desktop Manager 12 will cause failures.

If you’re new to our products, then you can request a free trial of Devolutions Server at: https://server.devolutions.net/Home/Trial

New to Devolutions Server?

In case you’re not familiar with Devolutions Server, here’s the scoop: it’s a self-hosted repository that can be deployed online or internally, and used to store and share all of your remote connections, virtual machine connections, and any other private or sensitive information. It also offers full Active Directory (AD) integration which makes user management a much easier and more efficient task, 2-Factor Authentification for increased security, and caching optimization for maximum performance.

Essentially, Devolutions Server greatly extends the capabilities of Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise to create an enterprise-wide, high-end data store. If you need more insight on why it might be ideal for your team, please read this article.

Contact Us

Tell us what you think of Devolutions Server 4.0, and send any other questions or comments to: infos@devolutions.net .