Here at Devolutions, you could say that we’re kind of obsessed with the future. For example, before we launch a new product or update, we’re already thinking about the next version…and sometimes even the one after that!

But while we’re always looking ahead, we have some valued traditions too. One of them is to pause at the end of the year and reflect on the developments of the last 12 months. And so to carry on with this happy tradition, it’s my pleasure to be your personal guide on our Devolutions 2016 Year in Review!

Before breaking things down month-by-month, I’d like to start by saying that this year has been exciting and full of growth here at Devolutions. A major reason for this has been the expansion of our amazing team. We’ve grown from 35 team members at the start of the year to 55 right now – and we’ll be welcoming even more colleagues in the weeks and months to come (and you’ll meet them all, I promise!).

Of course, throughout the year, what kept us going was the desire to earn the trust and loyalty of our beloved community. We NEVER take you for granted, and we know that you have very high standards and expectations. We hope that we continue to live up to them (and when we don’t, please tell us so we can improve).

With that being said, let’s roll the wayback playback tape and head to the start of 2016…


We kicked off the year with yet another tradition: the release of the Devolutions Road Map. This is a document that our CEO and founder David creates each January. It provides our community with an overview of our plans and goals for the year ahead. As you might have guessed, David is hard at work on the 2017 edition, so stay tuned!

In January, we also published one of my favorite graphics: our global user map. It’s color-coded to show you where in the world our wonderful users hail from, as well as which countries have the largest numbers of RDMers. Take a look, and if you live in a place where we don’t have a lot of users, why not consider being a Devolutions Reseller? Get in touch and we’ll give you all the info you’ll need.

The second month of the year was also (as it usually is) the coldest one here at Devolutions HQ. But that was outside. Inside, we were beaming with pride because our CEO David won the prestigious “2016 Investissement Québec CEO of the Year” award.

This annual award, which is organized by the Quebec Technology Association (AQT), in collaboration with Investissement Québec, recognizes visionary leaders in the technology sector. The best part is that David is a humble “behind-the-scenes” guy, and doesn’t go around talking about his accomplishments (some of our users, after corresponding with David through email, have been amazed when they realize they’d been helped by our CEO!). For the organization as a whole, it was really gratifying to see his hard work and sacrifice recognized by his peers. Way to go David!

We also had more good news in February: the release of Remote Desktop Manager 11.1. This new version was a major update that included over 60 additions, improvements, enhancements, upgrades, and fixes.


Ah March – it seems like just yesterday! It was insanely busy for our marketing team, because we worked many long days (and some nights) crafting the new and improved Blog 3.0. Our goal was to give our community – a.k.a. you – a simpler, easier and faster blog visiting experience. Here’s a recap of what we improved:

  • From our blog home page, you can instantly focus on the kind of content that you’re in the mood for: News, Tips & Tricks, Case Studies, and Fun & Lifestyle.
  • Each blog post is laid out with crisper fonts and slightly adjusted spacing. This makes posts easier to read, especially for those of you who access us through your tablet or smartphone.
  • Sharing also got easier. You can now choose the icon of your preferred platform in the top left corner of each blog post: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+.

April brought more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and two new awesome things: Devolutions Affiliate Program and the Merch Shop!

The Devolutions Affiliate Program lets you tell the world about a product you use and (hopefully) love – Remote Desktop Manager – and then benefit whenever someone discovers us thanks to you. The setup is very simple. You just place an RDM banner on your website, share a link on social media, or send a custom affiliate link to anyone you wish. When someone clicks your banner/link and purchases any RDM license (single user, multiple or global), you receive 10% of that amount. Everyone wins.

The Merch (short for “merchandise”) Shop is where you can buy exclusive Devolutions and Sysadminotaur items like:

  • Our classic-styled embroidered polo shirt (unisex and available in blue and black)
  • Laminated Sysadminotaur comics
  • A unique Sysadminotaur Mug
  • The amazingly brilliant sysadminotaur calendar
  • ….and plenty of other unique and cool things that you can’t find anywhere else!

Pay a visit to the Merch Shop today at and get a gift for the greatest IT pro in your life: YOU.

“But wait, there’s more!” Before we said goodbye to April, we released an important Remote Desktop Manager feature that many of you have been asking for: high DPI support. RDM never looked so good. We were kind of hoping People magazine might name it “Sexiest Tool Alive”, but I guess they don’t have that category yet…


May was a blast from start to finish. First of all, we decided to reintroduce the Sysadminotaur gang and continue the journey! Yes, you read that right. The beloved comic strip was slated to ride off into the sunset, but we found a way to keep things going, and we don’t plan to stop! 

Also in May, as a board game lover, I had the pleasure of publishing a fun blog post that featured an awesome list of must-try board games, with a VERY COOL flowchart explaining how to choose the perfect board game. If you didn’t catch it earlier in the year, click the link above and take a look. You’ll be impressed!

We also created a fun quiz to check your Remote Desktop Manager knowledge, and to share more information about the latest version. If you haven’t tried it, why not put yourself to the test right now?


In June, we hit the ground running by releasing Remote Desktop Manager 11.5, which had over 100 improvements, additions, enhancements and fixes. We also released the much-improved Devolutions Server 3.2.

Finding the right password manager is hard. In June, to help you find the one that will fit you like a glove, we’ve gathered some of the most popular ones and broken down their features. If you’re looking for a new password manager, our comparison grid might help you more than you think!

We also bragged about our glorious pinball machine collection – which is still growing and even more amazing now than it was back then. I had the chance to play each machine as a newbie, and so I shared my ratings and reviews. By the way: if you happen to know where we can add some new machines to our collection, please get in touch…

And still in June, we shared more information about the Devolutions Reseller Program. The program is a great way for our partners to deliver more value to their customers, and to generate revenue for their business (we offer special discounts of up to 35%). If you’d like to learn more about the program, please contact us at

Stay Tuned

Of course, we’re not done: There are still the last 6 months of 2016 to recap, and I’ll do that in my next post. Stay tuned, the wayback playback tape will continue shortly…

*Part 2 is now available