It’s December, which means joy, happiness, over-eating, ugly sweaters, watching Christmas Vacation, and last-minute gift shopping. It’s also the last chance you’ll have to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions (is your fitness club membership card gathering dust?).

But before the new year begins, we need to take care of the December poll. Here’s the scoop: December is the perfect time to reflect on the last 12 months and say “Of all the things I achieved in 2016, the one accomplishment that I’m most proud of is….”.

And so, for the poll we’d like you to share your 2016 greatest achievement. It could be something that you’ve finished, or it could be a work-in-progress. It could be a personal achievement, a professional achievement, or anything else that you wish. It could also be something you planned (like buying a house or losing 50 pounds), or something that unexpectedly happened in your life (like rescuing a stray dog, or helping out a family member, friend, neighbor or even a total stranger). It’s totally up to you.

You WILL Win + You COULD Win

There are two wins with this poll. The first one is guaranteed: by sharing your top achievement you’ll feel great and will inspire others.

The second win isn’t guaranteed, but it’s certainly possible: just by participating, you’ll be eligible to possibly win one of two $25 Amazon gift certificates. We’ll share some of the responses and announce the winners in January. Who knows? If you win the gift certificate, you can get the present that you REALLY wanted!