As you probably know, here at Devolutions, we’re maniacs of Pinball Machines, Board Games, and FOOSBALL! Because to us, it’s not just games. Everything is about honor and fostering an amazing team culture! We all want to become the very best (kind of like Ash wants to be the very best).

Honor, nothing more...?

Nope, that’s not all! Each year, we organize a big Foosball tournament where the winners receive the prestigious Devolutions Cup. This year, 10 teams entered the tournament for a total of 30 players. We do have special rules here at Devolutions where we play a 3 vs 3 format - I'll explain our rules in an upcoming post.

As the final of the fourth Devolutions Cup tournament took place today, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate the three winners: Michael Proulx, Benoit Sansregret, and Mathieu Morrissette!  The final game was frankly amazing: the winning team (Mega Bang Men) beating their opponents by ONLY 1 point! Good game guys, you win…for this time. Here are the winners holding THE Devolutions Cup: