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[Customer Story] ISM Groups Chose Remote Desktop Manager to Give Their Remote Employees a Secure Access to Their Database

Client Snapshot

Founded in 2008, ISM Group delivers a full range of comprehensive IT consulting and implementation solutions, including structured hardware services, IT infrastructure monitoring, and network security. The company has an extended network of value added partners, and its roster of 19 (and growing) IT pros manages over 3,000 servers/machines with over 8,000 distinct entry types. Collectively, these IT pros focus on helping businesses of all sizes – from small firms to large enterprises – transform their critical systems into strategic assets.

ISM Group’s Challenges:

ISM Group’s IT pros were facing** several significant challenges** that were reducing efficiency, productivity, and performance. These included:

  • Multiple users were unable to work concurrently in the same database.
  • It was** not possible to give external consultants or remote employees access** to the database.
  • It was** time-consuming** to manually connect to each customer’s service/machine.
  • Information was contained in various documents and tools, making it difficult to find – especially if employees were out of the office.
  • The company’s credential management tool (SPB Wallet) did not support the company’s growth and was not meeting the specific needs of customers.
ISM Group’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

ISM Group discovered Remote Desktop Manager, and after a trial period, the company concluded that it was the ideal solution to meet its organizational needs and to support ongoing growth. Key advantages that the company’s IT pros have enjoyed include:

  • Multiple users can work concurrently in the database – even if they are adding information for the same customer.
  • External consultants and remote employees can securely access the database from any device, including their smartphone.
  • Connecting to a customer’s server/machine is fast, easy and reliable, and can be done with a single click.
  • It is fast and easy to retrieve information that customers misplace (e.g. serial numbers).
  • Instead of wasting time searching for information when an employee is out of the office or unreachable**, all data are available on a centralized cloud-based platform**.
  • RDM’s custom template capacity has opened up many new possibilities for using other session types, and the custom folders capacity has improved efficiency and data management.
Comments from Christian L. Brière ISM Group’s Level 2 Technician:

“RDM is incredibly easy to manage and is scaling seamlessly with our rapid growth. Last year we onboarded 11 IT pros; RDM helped make the process efficient and simple. We also like how RDM enables us to use our SQL data source, and manage it as we want. The security features at both the group and user levels give us a lot of flexibility as well. And whenever we need some help, the support team is there to answer our questions or point us in the right direction.”

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