Way back in July, we asked you to share your list of must-have IT tools. These are the tools that you can’t imagine working (or maybe living) without.

We received some great responses through social media, and especially on Spiceworks, where we know many of you like to hang out.

Well, we’ve finally put together a complete master list of must-have tools based on YOUR feedback and recommendations. To make things simpler and easier, we’ve categorized them as well. Here we go:

Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software
Bootable Utilities
Backup Software
Community and IT Sources of Information
System Utilities
Mobile Apps
Microsoft Management Tools
Network Monitoring and Management Tools
Password Management
Remote Desktop and Remote Control Software
Text Editor and Development
What Should We Add?

We hope you’ve enjoyed the list! If, however, you’re thinking: “I can’t believe they didn’t include [fill in the blank]”, then please tell us what we’ve missed, and why we should include it. If you make a convincing case, we’ll add it to the master list!