October is here, which means it’s time to wake up Billy Joe because, alas, September has ended (that’s for all you Green Day fans!).

Of course, October means many other things. In our part of the world, it’s the dawn of cold and flu season, and a lot of people seem surgically attached to their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. And who isn’t looking forward to slipping on a humiliating Halloween costume and getting free candy? Good times!

But we haven’t even mentioned the best thing about October: it’s time for the October poll! You’re going to really like this one…

Here we go: as an IT professional, we know that you take the “professional” part very seriously. But you’re also a human being, and there are times when you get a support ticket that makes you roll your eyes and think: WHAT THE **BLEEP** IS GOING ON HERE?!?

And so this month, we’d love for you to share your worst – or just plain dumbest – support ticket story.

Your story could be scary and terrifying, like being unable to recover data after a disaster. Or it could be wacky, like the guy who threw a tantrum because his mouse wasn’t working – and then threw an even BIGGER tantrum when you asked him if it was plugged in (which, of course, it wasn’t!).

Express Yourself & Win

Sharing is good for the soul, and so getting some bad or crazy support ticket stories off your chest can be fun. Maybe even therapeutic. And you can bet that the other IT pros in our community will nod their heads and empathize with your situation. Hey, we’ve all been there…many times!

Share & Win

Simply by commenting below, you’ll be automatically entered to WIN one of two $25 Amazon gift certificates. So you’ll not only feel better, but you could wind up $25 richer. What’s not to love about this month’s poll? Thanks and good luck!