“Remote Desktop Manager is our central tool for managing any type of server. It is secure, reliable, and supported by a team that is always adding new features and functions. We work with many customers at the same time, and have a huge volume of connections and credentials to manage. With Remote Desktop Manager, we can keep everything safe and in a single place. That is very important for us.”

-Elvis Gustin, Owner and System Engineer at EM-Soft Sistemi d.o.o.

Client Snapshot: EM-Soft sistemi d.o.o.

Headquartered in Slovenia, EM-Soft Sistemi is a certified Microsoft Solutions Provider that delivers a range of specialized services to clients throughout Europe. These services include: cloud email solutions, hosting, technical support, network security, backup and disaster recovery, contractor management, web development, and IT infrastructure installation and integration. The company’s clients range from mid-sized organizations with 100+ employees to large enterprises with 100,000+ employees, and projects can involve the management of 150 to over 500 servers and devices.

EM-Soft Sistemi’s Challenges

Prior to discovering Remote Desktop Manager, EM-Soft Sistemi’s engineers routinely struggled with several frustrating challenges:

  • They had to store credential data locally on a specific computer; if that computer was replaced or there was a problem accessing the information, they had to re-populate the credentials.
  • They could not access credential information outside the office.
  • All devices had to be used through the same application.
  • They had to use a confusing mix of tools for different devices and connection types.

EM-Soft Sistemi tried to resolve these challenges with various tools (e.g. Microsoft products, mRemote, ASG-Remote Desktop, etc.), but they were ultimately unsuccessful. According to Elvis Gustin, Owner and System Engineer at EM-Soft Sistemi d.o.o., “Each of the tools we tried wouldn’t allow us to connect different users with their own unique credentials to the same database. ASG-Remote Desktop wasn’t bad, but we found that the features and functions were limited for what we needed.”

EM-Soft Sistemi’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

The EM-Soft Sistemi team discovered Remote Desktop Manager and quickly identified it as the solution they had been looking for. Since implementing it, they have overcome their challenges and are leveraging additional benefits, including the ability to:

  • Securely store credentials for different users in a centralized repository.
  • Access credential and machine information via the cloud from any desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Control all switches, firewalls and services from a single console.
  • Set permissions for connecting to services and devices.
  • Use a single application for all types of connections.
  • Work with different requirements and protocols in the same window, e.g. PowerShell, Hyper-V, RDP, SSH, ILO, etc.
  • Integrate with other systems in their environment, e.g. ISL Light, Mikrotik, etc.
Elvis Gustin, on his company’s decision to choose Remote Desktop Manager:

“Remote Desktop Manager is ideal for increasing productivity and security. It has become our central tool, and because it’s cloud-based, the information we need is always available. This has shortened our response time and made our customers happier. In fact, Remote Desktop Manager is the first tool we use to contact our customers.”