Good news everyone: Remote Desktop Manager 12 is on the way!

I’ve had a chance to try it out, and trust me on this: IT’S AWESOME. Honestly, the development team has really outdone itself. These guys are wizards!

I’d love to give you a rundown of all the improvements and additions – but I can’t! However, I have been given the green light to reveal one feature that all of you non-Windows users are going to love: Devolutions Proxy.

Here’s the story: as you may know, some RDM features that are available for the Windows client aren’t yet available for the Mac, iOS and Android clients, respectively. Well, thanks to the Devolutions Proxy in RDM 12, you’ll be able to access many Windows remote management features on EVERY platform!

Here’s a snapshot of the features that non-Windows users can look forward to accessing:

  • Hyper-V Console (start, stop, pause, save, restore snapshots)
  • Terminals Services (logoff, shutdown, reboot, send message)
  • Events
  • Printers
  • Processes (terminate)
  • Programs (uninstall)
  • Services (start, stop, restart)
  • Network Shares (create, delete)
  • Inventory Report
  • Wake on LAN
Also, here are some Devolutions Proxy technical details:
  • Secure communication using SSL
  • NAT/Firewall friendly (uses https on a single port)
  • Installs as a standard Windows Service
  • Runs as Local Service (low privilege account)
  • Uses the Windows Event Log for application logging
  • Easy download, installation and configuration through its console in RDM
“But Wait – There’s More”

For Devolutions Server (DVLS) users, there’s even more good news: Devolutions Proxy will be bundled as part of DVLS 3.5! So there’s no need to perform a separate installation. All of the features will be available immediately for devices that use DVLS as their data source. How cool is that?

Stay Tuned

I know everyone is waiting anxiously for Remote Desktop Manager 12, but don’t worry, I promise that it’s on the way and won’t be long. And if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to know.