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Meet Our New Windows Developer Dany Gauthier

Devolutions WIndows Dany Gauthier

Spring is in the air outside, and great new employees continue to spring up inside, too – including our new Windows Developer Dany Gauthier! Recently, I had a meet-and-greet chat with Dany. Below is a snapshot of our conversation.

**Can you tell me a bit about your professional background? **

I earned my computer science degree in 2001, and my software engineering degree in 2007. Both programs included internships. After my studies, I worked as a software developer consultant for a few years in various industries, including banking, public transportation, and aeronautical telecommunications. Now, here I am at Devolutions and couldn’t be happier!

**What would you say is your biggest professional achievement so far? **

I’d say that my biggest professional achievement was significantly optimizing data processing tasks that were taking up to 6 hours, and reducing the time to just 2 minutes. In addition, the execution was more stable. As you can imagine, this had a very positive impact on users.

**What was it about Devolutions that made you want to work here? **

For many years prior to joining the Devolutions team, I was offered many employment opportunities by various clients and organizations, but I was comfortable working as a software development consultant. However, earlier this year, I read an article about Devolutions in the newspaper. I was very impressed both by the company, and the fact that it was so close to where I lived. After doing some research and visiting Devolutions to look behind the scenes, I was totally convinced that I’d be happy to join the team. The vision here is much more innovative and user-focused than anywhere I’ve ever been.

**What would you say are your top three strengths at work? **

I’d say that my top strengths are that I’m results-focused, I adapt quickly to changes, and I have strong analytical skills.

**What are your impressions about working here? **

I’ve been here about a month so far, and honestly I sometimes feel that I need to pinch myself to know if I’m dreaming or awake! The people are very nice and smart, and the environment is great. I have a young family at home, and Devolutions’ commitment to helping its employees enjoy work-life balance is wonderful.

**What goals would you like to achieve at Devolutions? **

My fundamental goal is to help Devolutions maximize business value, and make our users as happy as possible. Honestly, there is nothing more rewarding than receiving positive feedback from users.

On a personal note, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy gardening, and building things. It gets me away from my computer and helps clear my head!

Please share a few words with our community of IT pros:

Please continue sharing your feedback and letting us know how we can improve. In fact, I’ve already made some improvements that were recommended by our users on the forum. Devolutions is always listening, and your comments are welcome!

Anne-Marie Mongeon

As Devolutions’ marketing coordinator, I’m in charge of the company’s social media and advertising portfolios. I’m also responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing relationships within and beyond the Remote Desktop Manager community. I’m also in charge of the Devolutions blog, which means that I’ll be writing about various topics that, I hope, will be interesting and relevant to community members like you.

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