Hey everyone,

Do you have RDM licensing questions? Below, we highlighted some of the recurrent questions that are  asked by you guys:

“I use more than one machine. Do I need to purchase an RDM license for each?”

Not at all! To give you maximum flexibility and at minimal cost, our licensing is per user, and not per machine. As a result, you can install your RDM license on your office desktop, personal desktop and laptop. And if you have a team, you’d simply give each of them their own license. It’s that simple.

“Do I have to renew my license when it expires?”

No, you don’t. RDM license is perpetual, and so you can keep using it once your license expires. However, you won’t have access to software maintenance, and therefore you won’t be able to download and access new features, updates and upgrades. Most of our users renew their license, both because we’re constantly innovating RDM and making it better, and because our license costs are very affordable.

Don’t forget that if you renew your license at the end of the maintenance you’ll have a significant discount on your renewal price! However, if you only renew your license after its expiration we won't be able to offer that discount and you’ll have to pay full price for your renewal.

 “What’s the difference between software maintenance and support?”

As mentioned above, renewing your Remote Desktop Manager license will also renew your software maintenance plan and grant you access to our latest features, updates and upgrades.  Renewing your license will also renew your customer support plan. Note that a Remote Desktop Manager license includes the standard support plan.

 “Do you offer enhanced support plans?”

Your license already comes with standard support but what about enhanced support plans? There are two additional support plans, the Extended and Premium support plans. Each granting email support plus phone support with the Premium support plan, while having different response times. Find more info here.

“What’s the difference between a site license and a global License?”

With a site license, an unlimited number of team members can use RDM, provided they are all working out of the same location.

With a global license, an unlimited number of team members can use RDM wherever they are located worldwide. This option is ideal for companies with multiple locations and/or remote team members.

“I can’t find my serial number(s) or invoice(s). Where can I find it?”

No problem! Simply head over to the Devolutions Customer Portal and you can access your RDM serial number(s) or invoice(s) anytime. You’ll also find any quotes as well. The Devolutions Customer Portal is part of the Devolutions Cloud, which you’ll find here.

“Does Devolutions Server come with RDM Enterprise licenses?”

No, you’ll need to purchase RDM Enterprise licenses separately. It allows you to minimize the cost of Devolutions Server, and give you maximum flexibility in choosing the number of RDM licenses you need.

“Can I still use Devolutions Online Database after my license expires?”

No, you will need to renew your subscription to use the solution. Plus, just like Devolutions Server, you need to purchase RDM Enterprise licenses separately.

Need More Licensing Answers?

If you have additional RDM licensing questions, then you’ll find additional support in our Online Help Portal here, and in our Forum here. And of course, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to give you the information you need.