Ah, you can sense it in the air and feel it in your bones. No, we aren’t talking about the end of summer or the arrival of fall. We’re talking about BACK TO SCHOOL time! And that brings us to the September poll.

What we’d like to know this month is this:

If you weren’t an IT pro and could go back to school to learn new skills, what would you be? tardis

For example, perhaps your non-IT dream job is to be a pilot, a teacher, a dancer, or maybe you want to try your luck at finding a TARDIS and becoming the next Dr. Who?

It can be anything – and it doesn’t have to be earth-shatteringly spectacular, either. Perhaps you’d love to be a florist who spends all day tending to beautiful plants and flowers (instead of end users who keep forgetting their login credentials!) Or maybe you’ve always been fascinated by carpentry and would enjoy making and selling custom furniture.

Also, please also include a few words about what interests or inspires you about your non-IT dream job. Who knows? Maybe your dream will come true…

You Could Win!

As usual, we’ll be randomly selecting a lucky poll participant who’ll win a $25 Thinkgeek.com gift certificate.

If your dream job is to be the unlucky, nameless Ensign on Star Trek who gets eaten by the alien before the first commercial (hey, someone has to do it!), then you can spend your gift certificate on this awesome Starfleet Academy Graduate Framed Certificate!