Hi everyone!

I’d like to pause for a moment from our regularly scheduled blog programming of RDM tips & tricks, new product announcements, staff introductions, and various fun geek-themed posts to talk about something that is essential to our company: our values.

Since Devolutions’ humble beginnings several years ago (in our CEO David’s basement no less!), our growing team has been empowered and inspired by a set of core values, which include:

  • Being transparent in our actions and across our organization.
  • Supporting the evolution of our human capital personally and professionally.
  • Fostering a team culture characterized by shared values and goals.
  • Establishing our expertise locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Driving and demonstrating creativity that wows our community.
  • Continuously innovating our technology and solutions.

Our values keep us focused and on-track when things are wonderful and fun, and especially when things are challenging and stressful -- because that’s when we need them the most!

In a sense, our values serve as a constant reminder of who we are, where we’ve come from, where we’re going, and most importantly, who we work for: YOU, the amazing IT pros and teams in our community. Without you, there wouldn’t be any values to uphold, because quite frankly, there wouldn’t be any Devolutions at all!

As we continue to grow by creating new solutions, building new partnerships, and welcoming new team members, you can be assured that we’ll never lose sight of our values. That’s our promise to you, and as you know, we wouldn’t dream of letting you down.

Thank you all so much for being such a big part of the Devolutions story so far. And stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!