Hello RDMers, You might think that all your online information is safe enough with just password protection but it is easier than you think for someone to steal your password! If you’re using the same password on more than one site, or download software from Internet, or even just click on a link in an email, you could be putting yourself at high risk of getting hacked.
Google Authenticator

By very high demand, we have now implemented the 2 factor authentication to protect your data sources, it is only in the beta version at the moment (http://remotedesktopmanager.com/Home/Download#beta) but it will be out very soon in Remote Desktop Manager version 11. The two-step authentication can help you keep the bad guys out and keep your data sources safe, even if they have your password!

Your sign in will now require something you know and something you have!

You can now apply this extra layer of security to your advanced data sources by using our new option, the two factor authentication, you have the choice between Google authentication or Yubikey, that way if someone tries to hack your account not only will they need your password but depending on what you are using they will also need your phone or your Yubikey to access it, which will make things much harder for any hacker and will most probably prevent them from hacking you!

So let’s be safe and keep those hackers away!
Yubikeyyubikey-key-2 factor authentication-RemoteDesktopManager
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