Hey everyone,

You know, some people are obsessed with Star Trek, or collecting troll dolls, or maybe watching Games of Thrones marathons. But you know what we’re obsessed with here? Creating RDM Add-Ons, and wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got a new one for you today! Say hello to the RDM Add-On for ISL Light!

You can download it right now from:https://remotedesktopmanager.com/home/addon#SessionAddOn_ISLLight

About the ISL Light Add-On

ISL Light enables you to remotely control Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices through the Internet. You can use the ISL Light Add-On to start an ISL Light session, or connect to an ISL always on computer, directly from within RDM.


As always, our Add-Ons are FREE, and we create them in response to requests from your amazing community members. Whereas the Starship Enterprise was on a mission to explore strange new worlds (and find strange new women for Kirk or Riker to put the moves on), we’re on a mission to integrate as MANY tools into RDM as possible. Are we obsessed with creating the industry’s most complete remote connection, password management, and credentials management solution? Why yes. Yes we are.

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