Hey RDMers, Say hello to the new MobaXterm Add-On! With this Add-On, you’ll be able to execute a MobaXterm custom command, open an existing session, and open a SSH terminal all from within RDM. You’ll save time and get more done. What could be better? For those who aren’t familiar with this tool, MobaXterm is an enhanced terminal for Windows. It includes multiple features and connectivity, such as X11 server support, a tabbed SSH client, network tools, and lots more.

Download it Today

Make your RDM experience better today by downloading the new MobaXterm Add-On from: http://remotedesktopmanager.com/Home/AddOn#mobaxterm. As you’d expect, you can get it for the “low, low price” of FREE! And hey, while you’re making RDM even more functional and useful, why not browse the full catalog and grab some more Add-Ons? Don’t be shy. There’s no such thing as having too many RDM Add-Ons. Who knows when you’ll need one?

Connect With Us!

As you hopefully know by now, most of our Add-Ons are the result of suggestions from our community. So, if there’s a tool that you’d like us to consider integrating into RDM, let us know by commenting below! We’re always listening and working hard to make your RDM experience even better. Thanks!