Hey everyone,

As you may recall, a few months ago we asked you to share your best (that is, worst) IT horror story. We had a BLAST reading all of your stories. Many of them were worthy of a Stephen King book. Maybe something like “The Breach Mile” or “Salem’s Hack”? (Uhhhh…OK…maybe not.)

Well, for this month’s poll we’re continuing on the same best-worst theme, and so we’d like you to dig deep and share your WORST hacking tale!

Your story can be something you’ve personally experienced, or it could be something you’ve heard of from a colleague or anyone else. And if you don’t have a headline-grabbing tale of terror like Sony, that’s okay. It can be a low-key hacking experience, or maybe it doesn’t even involve actual data loss. Anything goes!

You Could Win

Everyone who participates in the May poll will be eligible to win a $25 thinkgeek.com gift card!! We’ll randomly select the winners next month when we share the poll results.

Start sharing the gory details now by commenting below.

Good luck!