Hey everyone,

Shakespeare wrote that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Well, we don’t quite know what Remote Desktop Manager Server (RDMS) smells like, but we know that it’s even MORE useful than ever now that it has a new name and many new features: say hello to Devolutions Server!

Cool New Features

In addition to having a simpler and easier name, Devolutions Server 2.5 is loaded with a bunch of cool new features and functions! Here are the biggest changes:

  • We’ve completely rewritten the architecture (ASP.NET MVC)
  • There’s a brand new UI that’s more customizable than ever before
  • The solution now features client application integration through the protocol handler rdm://open and rdm://edit
  • There’s a custom logo support on the home page
  • We added a new Web API Framework (REST)
  • We improved the deployment and the upgrade
  • The security is stronger and features encrypted configuration

Many of these improvements are the result of feedback from our amazing community of IT pros. We really appreciate your suggestions – keep ‘em coming!

Download Devolutions Server

In order to  install Devolutions Server 2.5, it is required to download Remote Desktop Manager 10.5.

If you already own a valid Devolutions Server license, simply upgrade to version 2.5 by downloading it from: https://server.devolutions.net/home/download

If you’re new to our products (welcome aboard!), then you can request a free trial of Devolutions Server from: https://server.devolutions.net/trial

Get in Touch

Please let us know what you think, either by commenting below or posting in our forum.

We’re ALWAYS listening to our community, and never stop searching for new and better ways to help you Centralize it, Secure it, and Simplify IT!