Hey RDM fans,

We’re glad to announce that our Add-on Family is growing yet again: say hello to RoyalTS! With this new Add-on, you’ll be able to start an existing Royal TS connection or an ad hoc connection from within RDM. You’ll save time and enjoy a simpler, more streamlined experience.

You’ll find it here: https://remotedesktopmanager.com/home/addon#SessionAddOn_RoyalTS.

About RoyalTS

RoyalTS is a connection management program that can establish RDP, VNC, SSH and web-based connections through a single interface. RoyalTS also includes built-in credential management and safe sharing features that allow users to share connections, but without sharing the credentials themselves. Users can also save time by using features that automate repetitive tasks.

About Our Add-Ons

As you hopefully know by now (but we’ll mention it anyway), all of our Add-ons are always FREE, and most of them are created in response to requests. We’re obsessed with integrating as many new tools into RDM, so that our community can benefit from the industry’s most complete remote connection, password management and credentials management solution.

Browse the huge (and growing!) add-on catalog here: https://remotedesktopmanager.com/home/addon

And remember: if you have an awesome new Add-on idea, please let us know! Post your suggestion in the comment box below.