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DECEMBER POLL: Santa Cloud is Coming to Town!

Hey everyone,

You may be among the hundreds of millions of people who believe that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Well, we have some good news and bad news about that.

The bad news is that rumors of Santa Claus’ existence have not yet been conclusively verified.

But the good news, is that there is another magnificent character that brings joy and smiles to all of IT pros who have been especially geeky during the year. Of course, we’re talking about the beloved SANTA CLOUD, who has agreed to join in our December poll.

This Month’s Poll Question:

This month, Santa Cloud wants to know what you wish for in Remote Desktop Manager.

Is there an Add-On you’d like to see? Or a feature or enhancement that would make your life easier – and help you be an even better IT pro in the year ahead?

There’s no limit to what you can wish for! Please share your wishes by commenting below. Our team of elves will pay close attention to all of the responses, and see if there’s anything they can take back to their workshop and make happen in future updates.

You Could Win!

In addition to making Santa Cloud very, and possibly inspiring a great new improvement to Remote Desktop Manager, YOU COULD WIN a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com!

We’ll randomly select 4 poll participants next month, and announce the winners here.

From Santa Cloud and the gang of elves here at Devolutions, have a great run up to the holidays – and remember: Santa Cloud knows if you’ve been geeky or not, so be geeks for goodness sake!

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