Hello RDMers,

It’s never easy to make a choice between two options that sound similar…is it better to spend a week in the sun in Hawaii or in Mexico…both sound deliciously tempting but one might be better than the other. One place might have a better price, food or even beaches. It’s hard to decide which one is the best! Well deciding between using a Data Entry – Account or a Credential - Username / Password Entry can be confusing, they both allow you to store credentials by storing a Username/Domain/Password combination, so let’s see which one is the top option for each situation!

The Data Entry – Account is an entry type used for storing and sharing information, it’s meant to allow your team to get the credentials, so if one of your colleague has the permission to view the entry, he will then be able to use the Copy Username / Copy Password commands.


Now, on the other hand, the Credential Entry is ONLY meant to be Linked to from other sessions, a user that only has the permission to view the entry would be able to open any session that is linked to the credential, but WITHOUT EVER LEARNING THE PASSWORD!

One of Remote Desktop Manager’s strength is its credential management, which is why we strongly recommend the use of Credential Entries. It allows you to use entries for multiple sessions therefore you would only have to maintain that single entry when modifications are required.

So you see even if they both look the same to start with, after a little bit of research you can easily see which one is the best for you! The choice would be easy for me; I would take Credential entry with a side of Mexico…and a glass of tequila!

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