Happy New Year Devolutions’ Community!

Ah, here we are again at the start of a brand new year, which of course means: it’s New Year’s Resolution time! 

In 2015, what are you pledging to accomplish? Do you want to be healthier and spend more time at the gym…and less time eating Twinkies (I know, I know…they’re so good…).

Or perhaps you’re promising to get rid of a bad habit -- like watching Game of Thrones behind your boss’s back? Ned Stark would be so proud of you.

Or maybe you’re trying to rid yourself of an addiction to buying geeky merchandise, like Big Bang Theory bobble heads? (I love Sheldon!)

Whatever your 2015 New Year’s Resolution, we’d like to hear it!


gift-certificate-ThinkGeekAnd guess what? You could start your 2015 off by winning a $25 gift cards to thinkgeek.com! We’ll pick 4 people at random who participate in the poll.

So what are you waiting for? Please share your New Year’s Resolution – or Resolutions if you have more than one -- by commenting below, or connecting with us over at our Spiceworks page.

Have a wonderful year!