Hey RDMers! Here we are in June -- which means lots of time outside on the patio, plenty of “adult beverages” to enjoy with friends, and of course: THE JUNE POLL IS HERE! This month, we’d like to know your #1 support channel option. This isn’t specifically related to Devolutions. We want to know, generally speaking, do you prefer to get the technical support you need via:
  • Community Forum
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Video Tutorial
  • Online Help
  • User Manual
…these are just some of ideas to get you thinking. If your preferred method isn’t listed, then of course please add your own.


Simply by participating in our poll and letting us know your #1 support channel option, you could win one of two $25 gift certificates from ThinkGeek.com! Really, do the math: by spending 2 minutes on our poll, you might win $25. That’s like making $750 an hour. Wow. You’re movin’ on up faster than George and Weezy! Please submit your answer below, or connect with us via Facebook or Twitter.