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A couple of days ago we posted part 1 of our look at cool holidays that geeks like us love – including my personal favorite “Talk Like a Pirate” (Ahoy, mateys!).

Now here are the remaining holidays. See if you can convince your boss to get the day off!

6 - International Beer Day – August 5

Beer Geeky HolidayYes, you read that right: August 5 is International Beer Day! This glorious celebration started in 2007 thanks to four hard core beer lovers named Jesse Avshalomov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki, and Richard Hernandez. It’s now celebrated in 23 countries and 138 cities. Wow!  Now, before any of you start dreaming of a day filled with beer after beer after beer, the purpose of International Beer Day isn’t necessarily to, shall we say, “get a little bit tipsy.” Rather, there are 3 things that the celebration is about:

1. getting together with friends and enjoying the unique, magical creation known as beer; 2. honoring the noble men and women who brew and serve beer, and in so doing make the world a much nicer place to be; 3. unifying all people in a spirit of shared beer-loving-ness.

You’ll find more details on this extra special day here: http://www.forevergeek.com/2010/08/cheers_its_international_beer_day/

7-      Hobbit Day – September 22

Hobbit Day celebrates the birthdays of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, who were born on September 22. And there are BONUS GEEK POINTS for those of you who know that Bilbo was born in the year 2890 of the Third Age, and Frodo was born in the year 2968. As was the case during Bilbo’s birthday celebration in “The Fellowship of the Ring”, your task on Hobbit Day is to have as much food, dancing, joy and fireworks as possible. You may also wish to phrase all of your time-related responses to users in terms of crow flight. For example:

User: How long will it take you to upgrade my software?

You: 3 days as the crow flies.

User: Huh?

You: You’ll have it on Thursday.

User: Thanks!

You: I don’t know you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

User: What!?

You: You’re welcome.

 8- Marty McFly Day – October 21

The year was 1985. Microsoft released something called Windows, which many thought was the beginning of the end for the company. Something called the “Compact Disc” was introduced, and promised to hold as much data as 100 floppy disks (gasp!). Coca-Cola came out with “New Coke” (and 6 months later returned to the original formula because it tasted like cough medicine). And….Marty McFly jumped in his DeLorean, tinkered with the flux capacitor, liberated some uranium, and went BACK TO THE FUTURE to get his parents together so he would be born. There’s even a website where you can watch the countdown to this special celebration: http://www.october212015.com/

9 - Apple Day – January 25

Way back on January 24, 1984, Steve Jobs introduced the very first Mac computer (back then it was called the Macintosh). So why is Apple Day on January 25 instead of January 24? Well, we don’t really know.  But so what? Take a moment in January 25 to give your iPhone, iPad or Macbook a big hug (just don’t hug too hard or you may have to visit the Genius Bar).

10- Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you) – May 4

Ah yes, this one just passed: “May the 4th” (be with you) is celebrated by Star Wars fans around the world.  Here’s what it says about this holiday on the official Star Wars website, ‘’May the 4th kicks off a season of celebration, particularly since the month of May has always been important to Star Wars fans. The six live-action movies of the Star Wars saga debuted in May (starting with the original Star Wars on May 25, 1977). The month of May includes George Lucas’ birthday (May 14, 1944), and has been the traditional start date of the popular Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World Resort.’’ Here’s a pretty wacky video to see how some fans commemorate this day:  http://www.starwars.com/video/may-the-4th-be-with-you-how-fans-celebrate-star-wars-day

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Do you celebrate any of all of these geek holidays? Please share your experiences with us. Also let us know if we should be celebrating any additional geek holidays here…we’re always looking for a reason to have a party.