Hello everyone,

Last month, we asked you to share with us the password manager(s) you use on a regular basis. We received plenty of great responses, and would like to thank everyone who participated.

We’ll list the lucky gift certificate winners soon, but first let’s look at the poll results. There are many different solutions that are being used, including KeyPass, LastPass, 1Password and Revelation.

However, one of them clearly stood out as the most popular. Yup, you guess it: LastPass!  Here’s what one poll participant wrote: “I’ve been rocking LastPass for years - best tool I've ever found, next to RDM of course! Oh let me count the ways I love it!"

If any of you wish to count the ways you love (or maybe don’t love) LastPass or any other password manager, please be sure to comment below. We’d love to know what you think!

 And the Winners Are…

We’re thrilled to give away two $25 Thinkgeek.com gift certificates to randomly selected poll participants. The winners for April are…drum roll please…Jonathan Cauthorn and Bill Huber! Congratulations guys!

And once again, thank you everyone who participated in the poll. Stay tuned for the May poll – it’s on the way!