My customers often comment on the benefit of using a manager to centralize and handle all of their connections.

Client Snapshot

Based in Hallenberg, Germany, Rachfahl IT-Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (“Rachfahl IT-Solutions”) is a service provider for virtualization and storage projects, and focuses on Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Storage Spaces. The company’s team, which includes 5 IT pros, manages several major blogs on focus themes, including and More information on the company is available at

Rachfahl IT-Solutions’ Challenge

Rachfahl IT-Solutions found it very complex and time consuming to handle all of its connections, IP addresses, usernames, passwords and so on. The company routinely manages between 300 and 350 servers, VMs, router and other devices, and every connection took time.

Rachfahl IT-Solutions’ Solution

To address their challenge and make device connection and management simpler, easier and more efficient, approximately four years ago Rachfahl IT-Solutions implemented RDM. As a result, the company can:

  • Successfully connect to a desired server or device in seconds.
  • Efficiently edit multiple connections or all connections at the same time
  • Rapidly sort connections via customized criteria (e.g. customers, location, etc.).
  • Set and manage access profiles
  • Easily switch between sessions without having to minimize a connection.

Here’s what Jan Kappen, a Hyper-V Expert at Rachfahl IT-Solutions, has to say about the recently-released Remote Desktop Manager 10.1: 

I like the design of RDM 10.1. My favorite feature is the embedded RDP connection. When I use RDM on-site with customers, they often comment on the benefit of using a manager to centralize and handle all of their connections. 

Overall, since day one we’ve been very happy with RDM. With it, I can easily access any device within seconds. I can also sort my connections based on customers, services, locations, or any other method I wish. And after reinstalling my desktop or notebook, I can easily import my existing connections, and then continue my work without interruption. It’s the best tool for my needs".