Hello RDMers, We've been working extremely hard on our next release and we wanted to give  you guys some highlights of what's coming.  Many of you are actively participating in the beta program and have a good idea of the new features, but there are so many functionalities that its almost impossible to have noticed everything. Without further ado, here are the 5 features that had been the subject of many requests from the community:  
  1. New user interface which is more customizable (we've moving towards a touch friendly interface).beta
  2. Active Directory features
    • Active Directory Console: shows users, computers, and groups.  You can unlock, enable, and disable users straight from our application.adconsole
    • Active Directory Synchronizer: this will create sessions for all of the computers in your domain, or in a specific OU container.  It has an optional automatic update mode.
  3. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro integration, an Enterprise grade credential management solution.
  4. Advanced search dialog that allows for multiple expressions and has a ton of options to filter the results even moreadvsearch
  5. Batch script execution (This one was long awaited by many of our users)
    • For RDP (using our new RDM Agent)
    • For SSH/Telnet
As you surely expect, this is just the tip of the iceberg, in fact we have implemented more than 200 UI fixes and improvements.  It will truly be a significant release. We will write up blog posts on each important feature in the coming weeks so you will have all the details on them.  We will update the online help as well.  Stay tuned for a lot of interesting content coming your way. If this has given you a taste to give it a spin, please visit our beta download page As always, please post comments on this blog so we have feedback.  We welcome all of it.