Hey everyone,

Where did July go? Last winter, it seemed an eternity away, and here we are and it’s already August. Before we know it, we’ll be shovelling our driveways and scraping ice from our cars…


Oh well, there’s still plenty (okay, not plenty, but some) Summer left, and we’ll enjoy every moment of it. And besides, how can we be unhappy when it’s time for yet another poll question?

This Month’s Question

This month, we’re asking members of our amazing community – that would be you :) – to please take a moment, reflect on your RDM experience. When did you first use it? What version of RDM did you use first? How has it helped you and your team?

There’s no limit! We just want to get the essence of your RDM experience. Please let us know by commenting below.

You Could Win!

Everyone who participates in August’s poll will be eligible to win one of four $25 Amazon.com gift cards! Yes that’s right -- FOUR! We’ll randomly select the winners next month when we share the poll results. Thanks and good luck!