Hey everyone,

June is finally here, which means that it’s FINALLY time for summer vacations, pool parties and BBQs on the patio. And of course, it also means that our May poll has wrapped up and it’s time to share the results! As you may recall, last month we asked if you prefer to purchase software directly from the developer or through a reseller – and why or why not? Well, the opinions were divided but the big big big winner is….The developer!!

Yup, the vast majority of you think that it's easier to track purchases with the developer than with their reseller. And the big reason why is that the reseller can often change, and that can make it more complicated when its time to renew (who likes hunting for those old license key emails? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller…Bueller?...Bueller?) And also, some of you think that it’s better to buy from the developer -- unless there’s a significant price difference that isn’t offset by some benefits or extras.

And the Winners are..

We’re thrilled to give away four single RDM licenses to randomly selected members of our community who participated in the poll. The lucky winners for May are: Greg, Anderson Nascimento Nunes,Cary Wagner and @JohnnyR31S. Congratulations!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for the June poll!