Hello Everyone, Don’t you hate being disconnected from a remote session by a colleague that needs to access the same device that you are currently working on? They mean well (usually…), but you need to complete the task at hand and it gets frustrating. Put those nasty situations behind you with the Warn if already opened feature. When this option is active, any user who attempts to launch a session that is currently in use by another user will be prompted with a dialog. mistake       You can enable this feature in any entryunder the Logs tab, but it will work only when running under the Embedded display mode (it uses our event logging services to validate if someone is connected on the remote computer). Why not set it in your default settings so all of your new entries use the setting? That feature is only available for advanced data sources (those are the ones that teams use). There you go, a simple option to turn on and you can avoid a lot of frustration in your organization! The Devolutions Team