Hi everyone!We’re thrilled to announce a new Add-on to make your RDM experience even better: say hello to Axel Viewer! You’ll find it here http://remotedesktopmanager.com/Home/AddOn#axelviewer With this Add-on you can easily and quickly start an Axel Viewer session from within RDM. You can list multiple servers, and open them with a double-click. You’ll save time, improve performance, and everyone you work with will consider you some kind of SUPER GEEK WHO MUST BE RESPECTED AND HONORED AT ALL TIMES.What’s not to like about that?! We’d also like to thank a member of our amazing community for suggesting this Add-on in the first place. You can see how it all started by reading this thread: http://forum.devolutions.net/topic2562-new-addon-request--awrcp.aspx Also, please remember to browse our complete add-on roster to see how you can get more out of RDM. Plus, leave a comment or send me an email at aletourneau@devolutions.net if you have any great Add-on suggestions. We’re always listening (but in a happy and friendly way, not in a spy surveillance way J) Thanks! axelAxel Remote Management (AxRM) is a Windows software to remotely manage Axel devices over a LAN/WAN. Supported systems: from NT4 to 2012R2 and from XP to Windows