Hi everyone,

If you’ve been following us for the past 2-3 years, you probably know that we’re always working on new projects and products around here, so that we can solve your daily work-related pains and aches.

Well, I thought you’d like to know that right now we’re working on a very cool new project with the code name Jumping Jack. I can’t go many of the details (yet), but I can say this much: it’s COMPLETELY NEW in the remote desktop management industry, and will solve one of the biggest, most time consuming, and frustrating problems that IT pros face. So far, the prototype is doing very well.

So, what canI tell you about Jumping Jack? Well, for starters, we’ll be integrating it with RDM 9.5, which we’ll be launching and demonstrating this May at Microsoft’s TechEd in Houston.

Quick Chat with Stef, Devolutions CTO

Is there anything else I can tell you? Well, I can’t – but I asked our amazing CTO Stef – who is also the reigning Anki Drive Devolutions Cup World Champion – if he could shed a bit more light on this. Here’s how that conversation went down:

------------------------------- Max: So Stef, I’ll get straight to the point: what can we tell the community about Jumping Jack?

Stef: Well, not much. I’m still working on it, and I want to make sure everything works great before you officially release the news.

Max: Come on! I’m sure we can give them a sneak peak or something, right? Or maybe just a little tease?

Stef:Well…OK! Here’s what we can say right now. Jumping Jack is a major feature that’s been requested over and over again on the Devolutions forum by many users. Now, it’s important to note that we’re not trying to revolutionize the way IT pros work with remote connections or Remote Desktop Manager here. What we’re doing is making it even easier to automate and simplify multiple remote connections at the same time.

Max: But Remote Desktop Manager already does automate and simplify the way IT pros work with remote connections. So what’s new?

Stef: Good point! What’s new is that, very soon, IT pros will be able to perform various actions that they couldn’t in previous versions of Remote Desktop Manager, or any other management platform for that matter.

Max: Can you give an example?

Stef: Hmmm…well, for example, the possibility to send command lines will soon be unlimited. The potential and freedom of action with this new project will be unlimited too.

Max:Interesting -- tell me more!

Stef: I’ve already told you too much already! Seriously, it’s going to be game changing for our users. The possibilities will be endless. Let’s just say…good bye WMI!!!

Max: OK – I guess that’s all I’m going to get out of your today! Any final words?

Stef: Yes! I’d like to thank our friends at Awake Coding who helped us a lot. And of course, thanks to the users who are working with me on the project as we speak. J

------------------------------- Stay tuned guys! I’ll post new updates as soon as I can publish them! And if you have a sense of what we’re working on, why not take a guess?