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Remote Desktop Manager 10 Review - Michael Pietroforte, Microsoft MVP

Remote Desktop Manager 10 Review - Michael Pietroforte, Microsoft MVP

Hey everyone, Since launching Remote Desktop Manager 10, we’ve received lots of positive feedback and reviews from our community of IT pros. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Yesterday, Michael Pietroforte, the founder and editor of, and a Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP), published a great review of RDM 10 after testing out several features, including:

  • Remote Connections sessions
  • Virtualization sessions
  • Cloud Explorer sessions
  • Other sessions (Active Directory Console, Command Line, Data Report, Database, Inventory Report, Play List, PowerShell, SNMP Report, Spiceworks, Terminal Server Console, and Windows Explorer.)
  • Password management
  • Data sources

In his review, Michael wrote that “Remote Desktop Manager 10 is one of the most feature-rich remote management tools I know. Aside from helping you organize your Remote Desktop connections, it supports a plethora of protocols and even allows you to administer virtualization solutions and cloud environments.” To read Michael’s full review, please visit On behalf of the entire Devolutions team, I would like to thank Michael for taking the time to evaluate Remote Desktop Manager 10 and share his views!

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